During the last days in Palo Alto, we developed some spaces for learning.

In my space, I did some riddles, games, and activities which encourage the students to enjoy when they are learning math, using logic in everything. Using logic they can find different ways to solve some situations around them, and also they can discover a funny way to do their job.

DSC06196  DSC06195  DSC06197  DSC06198  DSC06199  DSC06200









It wander represent an opportunity to know the history and the culture related with the defense of USA.

This ship was a part of the hole fleet of USA in the World War II, and this was part of many battles in one of the saddest moments within the world history.

Inside of this ship we saw many planes, literature, videos, and everything related to the US ARMY.

Without place to doubts, an amazing experience for people who love Army and aircraft.

DSC05969 DSC05976 DSC05996









Thank to the CIENSCE AND SEA BIOLOGY INSTITUTE OF TEXAS UNIVERSITY and SEED, specially the local administration who did the management to get this amazing trip in Corpus Cristi Bay. During this experience, we saw many species of marine biology like fishes, mollusc,  gelly fishes, bacterias, and a kind of plants. Mrs. Dana, an specialist of the Texas University, showed us an important way to teach different topics related with the sea. She made an experiment with plankton, mud and marine animals. We learned the important reason to keep the plankton because it is the root of the feeding chain.






During this period I have been part of an interesting class of biology in Palo Alto College, All of us, teachers from Centro America, received many topics, I think topics for a complete period of 6 month in 12 hours approximately. A total Record Guinness, and I can say that enjoyed completely.



In my country due to the bad administration of resources, we don’t have this kind of spaces for learning in a better and non ordinary way.
















In this event we had the opportunity to make some hats for different people of different age, something that we keep in our mind because the smile in their faces.

The King William Fair is the primary fundraising event for the King William Association, a non-profit organization which works to preserve and protect the oldest historic district in Texas and promote the unique cultural heritage of San Antonio. Beginning with a delightfully funky parade, the day-long event offers a variety of art and craft vendors, lively music, dance, Kids Kingdom play area and delicious foods and beverages. But what really sets this event apart is the sparkling beauty of its historic setting near the heart of downtown San Antonio, where the King William neighborhood entices fair-goers to relax and unwind along shady, tree-lined streets adorned with stately Victorian homes, cozy cottages and gracious gardens.




VIVA FIESTA SAN ANTONIO is a cultural expression of light, color, honor, respect, folklore, life and original space remembering the heroes of Alamo and San Jacinto. People who fight and died facing to Santana and Mexico, in order to defend their future and family…Currently people thank to them smiling to the sun.

DSC05372DSC05378 DSC05391

DSC05419 DSC05421 DSC05464

Something that I admire in this activity is what authorities of the city and people share and live with devotion this party.


By 1890, San Antonio, Texas, was a thriving trade center with population of 38,000. In 1891 a group of citizens decided to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of Flowers. The first parade had horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with fresh flowers and floats carrying children dressed as flowers. The Belknap Rifles represented the military. The participants pelted each other with blossoms. The Battle of Flowers Parade is the only one in the country to be planned and directed completely by women. Today it’s the largest parade in Fiesta. It’s second in size nationally only to the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Fiesta becomes a San Antonio tradition

The Battle of Flowers was an immediate success. Within a few years, more events were taking place on or near April 21—a carnival, balls and coronations of “royalty.” The Fiesta tradition had been born. Other early events included street dancing, children’s fetes, a Trades Display Parade and an orphans party. Fiesta has taken place every year except for 1918 during World War I and 1942 through 1945.









Open Space

On Thursday May 15, we developed an Open Space with students from ISD East Central District, with who shared many topics related with Discovering talents in youth. In this activity all of us talk and listen respectfully the comments of the other. In the next text, I present the complete develop of this successful experience.

*Introduction for explaining the main goal and topic, its dynamic and also the introduction of teachers from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.


*Introduction of the topic: “Discovering talents in youth, factors that feed it, family and community”


*Explaining elements and directions of an Open Space.

*Presentation of topics by students.


*Sticking topics in the texture to develop the topics and spaces organizer.

Image Image

*Students pick the topics.

Image  Image

Image  Image

*Formacion de grupos de acuerdo a los temas e inicio de conversatorio

Image Image

Image Image

Como ser una persona activa, (one of the experiences)


*Aprovechar el tiempo

*Hacer ejercicio

*Hoy por hoy es un poco difícil llevar a cabo el ser una persona activa por el hecho que hay una vida sedentaria la comodidad nos ha hecho cómodos, el internet, las horas de trabajo,

*La comodidad del vehículo, no se ven personas en movimiento como bicicleta, caminar no se está activo

*Entre más avanza la tecnología menos activa es la persona

*Minimizando el abuso de la tecnología se puede ganar tiempo valioso para compartir con la familia.

*En la elaboración de alimentos se pierde creatividad al utilizar o consumir alimentos ya elaborados.

*Al estar activo se producen hormonas como la serotonina, que crea una vida más positiva.

*Se debe aprovechar un tiempo adecuado para dormir, para recuperar energías pero sin abusar del mismo

*Como naturaleza humana es fácil caer en el ocio, y reactivarse corporalmente es muy difícil, por ello es necesario mantener cuerpo y mente en acción. “mente sana en cuerpo sano”.

*Durante la jornada se tomaron notas que servirán para registro del éxito de los espacios abiertos.


El teatro como talento

El Teatro es importante para contribuir a la identidad cultural de una comunidad,  cultiva valores expresivos de relación interpersonal  y anima a la participación social.  Aporta recursos y herramientas que  son útiles para desenvolverse en la vida real (superación de la timidez, capacidad de hablar en público, asimilación del sentido de rol social…). Potencia habilidades sociales que se adquieren con el trabajo en grupo, como la cooperación, la tolerancia, la responsabilidad, el respeto o la solidaridad.

Resumen final de la actividad

*Participación uno a uno, con comentarios de generales de la actividad y los subtemas desarrollados.

Image Image

Image Image





















































Enchanted Rock State Natural Area sits on Big Sandy Creek on the border of Gillespie and Llano counties. It is 18 miles north of Fredericksburg.

The Nature Conservancy of Texas purchased the property from Charles Moss in 1978. It later sold the 1,640.5-acre property to the state of Texas. The state bought an additional three acres to add to the park.

Image Image

Enchanted Rock opened as a state natural area in October 1978.  It is a National Natural Landmark, and is on the National Register of Historic Places as an Archeological District.

More than 400 archeological sites have been found in the park. All are protected, and 120 of them are designated State Archeological Landmarks


It is one of the most visited parks in the state park system.

During our visit to this beautiful park, we can listen many stories of this place, which talk about magic situations with giants on the top of the huge mountain, and in fact we could look some no ordinary footprints  on the stone. Definitely, the beautiful landscape in the highest gave me a different point of view for climbing no only mountains, challenges too.










Cibolo meant a Wonderful place for a Natural Walk.

In this beautiful area, we can spent a time in a such quietly wander.

Nature gave us a great opportunity to do a walk in trail around many trees, a small river which invited us to think in what important is keep this kind of spaces for future generations. This reservation inspire also, other efforts in many countries, because there, responsible people develop many activities in order to keep a space for learning, for animals house, and also to give a serenity moment in the life.

Image Image

Image Image

























Relaxing in the deepest heart of Texas…


During the week from March 10 to Friday 14, We had a break in our regular learning activities.

In this period, we toke advantage for visiting some beautiful places here in Texas, an unforgettable experience in The Cave Without Name, The Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg TX.

In those places we saw a diversity of Nature, nice environment, culture and more.

DSC00266 DSC00315 DSC04525 DSC04507

The Cave With out Name, is an awesome park, where we went under ground to discover a place of peace and stillness, It is thank to a mix of stones, mud, darkness, water, dust and bats, which called us to take a moment of serenity with stalactites and stalagmites, made by the strong of mother nature.

DSC04501 DSC00343  DSC00346

The Cave is filled with spectacular formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites, delicate Soda Straws, Cave Drapery, magnificent Flowstones, Rimstone Dams, and more.

Known human contact with the cave began only in the early 20th century, when a small farm animal became trapped in the small external opening of the cave, known as a sinkhole. The cave went largely unnoticed again until the 1920s during the era of Prohibition when a small moonshine distillery was installed in the uppermost cavern. It again fell into obscurity until three local farm children rediscovered the sinkhole in 1935. These children are believed to be the first who actually entered the main chambers of the cave.

After the rediscovery, Jim Horn, the original owner of the property decided to open it as a commercial venture. The show cave received its name after its official opening in 1939, as verified by a news paper article that hangs in the Cave’s gift shop, in a state-wide contest held in 1940. A young boy suggested that the cave “was too beautiful to have a name”, and so he received the 250 dollar cash prize awarded. The second owner of the Cave Without A Name, Eugene Ebell, renamed the cave “Century Caverns” in the late 1950s, but after several years of grief from the locals, Mr. Ebell changed the name back to Cave Without A Name.

Cave Without a Name was declared a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in February 2009.