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One of the most gratifying experience here in United States has been the learning strategies and ways to teach in Heritage Middle School.

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This institution is one of the jewel of the  East Central District , over there I was part of the staff of volunteers with Mrs. Aranxazu Gomez, in the subject of Math, working with youth of sixth and seventh grade. This meant no only a opportunity of look the class, because Mrs. Gomez gave me the opportunity to teach and helped her in all kind of activities with her students,  I learn how can we teach in different ways, no matter if the students have learning difficult, because she teaches using many technologic resources, like cameras, multimedia project, laptop, and other, even though, the root of the success in learning process is based in the strategies, encourage and significant activities develop like a master piece by Mrs. Gomez. I toke advantage about how can I get better my job in my country, using this strategies and unforgettable classes: Projects, games, investigations, and working in stations.

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Absolutely, an stage in my training hard to forget…


































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