On December 17, I visited Houston City, and I could discover a world of art, culture, science and technology. During this trip, I had the opportunity to know museums like Natural Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Johnson Space Center. In this kind of trip we can be part of a great center of Knowledge, where all kind of people learn of nature, history and technology. Teachers from different schools in this area, take advantage of this great resource for teaching their students and develop the learning in a innovative way. They also enjoy with parents looking the exhibition which give lot of interest information.

It was an unforgettable experience that I’m going to share with my family and with my students. Without a place for doubts, Houston in Texas represents a Center of culture that we need to visit.
DSC02095DSC02184DSC02301  DSC02316 DSC02318 DSC02319 DSC02323 DSC02325 DSC02327 DSC02329 DSC02330


How I wish my son and my daughter were here, some day in my country we could have a place like this to make a dream real, perhaps.










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