Visiting East Central District…My future site for practicing.


On November 15th, we went to Highland School(K-3), Salado Intermediate School(4-5) and Legacy Middle School(6-8). On these schools we could look how teachers work with students of different age, since Kinder to Middle School, at the same time we could share ideas with students and teachers, who explained the strategies applied in each class, it was a pretty good experience, in which we knew more about the educational system of this State(Texas).




I hope on January, I will practice like a teacher in one of these schools, so this represent an opportunity to meet students and teachers that can help me to do my job in a best way…

In every school I learn many things that I can use in my own lessons, teachers write ideas for connecting the environment with students, using context to teach some topics. Each institution has an structure so organized, the work in teams do easier the learning, the environment is comfortable for students and teachers, students learn to read and write since Kinder and each school strengthen  the bilingual educative system beginning in kinder with  a 90% of the lesson in Spanish and 10% of English, and so gradually they get in 5th grade a 50 and 50% of Spanish and English.


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