SQA an strategy to connect topics…


When we develop some topics, we must be careful to select this, because, sometimes these can’t be  interesting for students, and the learning is not productive. In the Bloom taxonomy this part represents the start in an unforgettable experience, if we can choose a good topic for students, we can get enough encourage to caught their attention and their complete interest to get a best learning. This is an important part of a lesson plan, even though, there is an other part which help us to get a best learning, and this part is “connect the aims with students”. always and then we catch the attention of students, we can guaranty the success of the topic. In this part of an unforgettable lesson, we can use the strategy SQA, beginning with the letter S, which represent What students know about the topic, they analyse and write all the pre-knowledge  that they have and the teacher can take advantage of this knowledge for building a new one. At the second time students write what they need or want to know about the topic, in the letter Q, and this help to guide the way of the topic development. At the end of the lesson the students write what they learned of the lesson previously developed. this Strategy allows to connect the aims with students starting with the previous knowledge that they have.

IMG_6584 IMG_6595


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