Water is hope for the future…

Water is life, and it represents the hope for the next generations. Thanks to the water, the nature has color, and the humans can survive currently.


The water is one of the natural resources most important to live, but currently it is one of the most polluted in the world, perhaps we don’t care of the real importance of this big resource.

On November 7th, we could join in a conference developed in Palo Alto College. In this conference, we could know many things about water, stones(Geology),pollution and  treatment of water, and also wells. This meant a huge opportunity for me, because we did many interesting and fun activities, across from which Sussie Pierce and Mr. Andrew Stone explain the real importance of water.

DSC01609    DSC01555   DSC01620   DSC01622

The challenge for all of us is: From now on we need to make conscience of water, because our students deserve to have a future with a guarantee of water net and pure.

IMG_7766   IMG_7693  IMG_7691

IMG_7630  DSC01590  DSC01581


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