Creating an Unforgettable Experience with Dra. Herbert.


When I came to this scholarship, one of my resolutions was learn about unforgettable experience, be part of one of this strategies and try to get all of the resources for creating my own job. With Mrs. Herbert we could develop some models of classes which include step by step, the exact procedure  for making an unforgettable learning. Dr. Cindy Herbert gave us those step:

1.-Choose one important topic. If this is important and really meanly to the students, they can get more interest and confidence, and also they can be more comfortable developing this one.

2.-Look for big aims. Which is the appropriate aim that can enclose the biggest goal we want to get.

3.-Connect the aims to the students. Once we get this step, students can create many guides which help to the teacher for becoming one facilitator of the learning, even though this can follow the guide previously prepared.

4.-Learning in active form. This step, is one of the essential part of the strategy, and then it is necessary being creatives for making motivate actions, and so we can catch the attention of the students and also a better learning.

DSC00550  IMG_6988  IMG_6989

*Which I see and read, I can remember; but which I do, I never forget it.

5.-Evaluate in authentic way. In this part ti is necessary remember, comparing with a dog: “the dog move the tail, no the tail move the dog”.

The tail represent the evaluation, the dog represent the complete activity of learning. So the evaluation must  show us the reach of  the real learning.


6.-Reflection. This allow to the students express their own ideas about what they learned and how they learned, and also if that is so significant for them.

We developed some activities like “The story of a foot”, “The elephant and the blind people”, and “The story about the night when the moon felt down”, those are exactly examples of unforgettable experiences.

Something what we never must forget is apply the Taxonomy of Bloom, with the parts: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation and summary.

this can help us to develop easier our job with youth who dislike traditional methods.

DSC00564  DSC00547  IMG_6955





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