Sensory Alphabet with Susie Monday – On thursday and friday, september 12th and 13th, 2013


These days, we learned something about The Sensory Alphabet, of the book “NEW WORLD KIDS”, of Susie Monday.

During Thursday’s morning, we made a collage, using magazines, books, newspaper, and other things for showing different colors around us, we cut paper using scissors, gum and crayolas, for paint and create a such good job, and also we did some exercise, using our body for making forms and movements, later we paint different lines using black crayola and paper, and anymore.

At the afternoon, we learned the program office publisher with Mrs. Frances Garza, for creating all kinds of artistic presentations in computers, like invitations cards, letters, introducing cards, and others.

On Friday, we could continue with  The Sensory Alphabet, learning the elements: space, texture, shapes, rhythm and sound.

With this activities, we had the opportunity of know that the education in the new age, must be modify, because kids of new age, are different. The traditional methods are good even though this can be bored for students, then it is necessary, that teacher try to get new resources for teaching with creativity, at the end this will become an excellent tool for facing the actual needs in young kids.

Image  Image  Image    Image




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